The F7C-M Super Hornet

Front View

Back View

Flight Mode

Cockpit View

Weapon loadout – 2x Klaus & Werner CF-117 Badger


Variants matrix


F7C-R Hornet Tracker

If the Ghost is made to hide, the Tracker is made to seek. The F7C-R Tracker boasts an advanced radar suite making it ideal for deep-space explorers who require depth and accuracy in their scan packages. Local militia and larger merc units will also repurpose Trackers to act as mobile C&C ships for their squadrons.

F7C-S Hornet Ghost

Through a combination of low-emission drives, low-draw weapons, and Void Armor technology capable of diffusing scans, The F7C-S Ghost is built for the pilot who wants to keep a low profile. The Ghost is capable of slipping past the most ardent of observers to accomplish whatever goal you need to accomplish. Don’t worry, we won’t ask.

The Manufacturers


Anvil Aerospace

Anvil Aerospace

Founded in 2772, Anvil has been reliably delivering military-grade equipment to the UEE navy for almost two centuries. The company has produced dozens of successful and iconic military spacecraft over the years, including the Hurricane, Osprey, Devastator, Hornet and Gladi¬ator. No military campaign in the last two centu¬ries has been launched without Anvil spacecraft in the forefront, and no carrier in UEE space today operates without at least a squadron of Anvil-designed fighters. On the civilian side, the Hornet is holding steady as the third best-selling single-seat spacecraft design available, trumped only by the Aurora and 300i.